What Should I Take?

On many boats your main luggage will be stowed away for the duration of the trip so it is advisable to separate all the things you will need into a smaller rucksack. You may want to protect your luggage using large plastic trash bags.

Here is a list of the items you should think about taking with you.

  • Skin Protection
  • Bathroom & Sanitary Products
  • Insect Repelent
  • Seasickness Tablets
  • Book
  • Ipod etc
  • Camera
  • Swimming Costume
  • Some Light Clothing, T Shirt & Shorts etc
  • Sandals
  • Dry Snacks, Juice/Soda (unless otherwise stated)
  • Alcoholic Drinks
  • Spending Money. $USD, in small bills
  • Passport
  • Passport photocopies  X2 Inside page and entry stamp (Panama departures only)
  • Light jacket for night sailing
  • Towel

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