You must ensure that You have a full passport (and if applicable visa) with a sufficient validity period to allow entry and exit to all countries you are travelling from and two.

If you are unsure you should contact the relevant embassy or consulate to ascertain the entry requirements for national of the passport you will be travelling with.

You are responsible for obtaining the correct documentation for entry the destination country if required. The cost of travel does not include additional fees for immigration above normal agent administration costs. Any additional fees such as entry visas, extensions or reciprocal fees levied to passport holders of certain countries are not included.

Please check the latest requirements regarding Visa requirements at the time you are travelling. Currently tourists travelling on passports from USA, EU Member States, Australia, NZ and many othercountriess are exempt from fees or Visa requirements in both Colombia and Panama. Canadian citizens must pay a fee currently set at 160,000COP when arriving to Colombia

Departing From Panama To Colombia

All immigration paperwork is completed by the captain. He or she will most likely keep all passenger passports until arrival in Cartagena, at which point they will be handed to a specialist agent to complete the entry process at the local immigration office. You will be free to leave the boat and check-in to a hostel/hotel without the need to go to the immigration center yourself.

No onward ticket is required for entry to Colombia by sea. Your passports will be returned at a pre-arranged time and place, normally the following day so be sure to have a photo copy of your passport for your hotel receptionist.


If you are arriving to Sapzurro then you can complete the immigration process independently in the neighbouring town of Capurgana. It is very straightforward and free of charge. You captain will give you instructions on arrival. You must complete immigration here before travelling to the rest of Colombia.

Departing From Colombia

Before booking your boat please remember you will be required to be in Cartagena in advance of departure. We recommend arriving 2 days prior.

Your captain is required to hand over all departure paperwork and passports in advance. They will either meet you to collect your passports, or request that you leave them with a hostel or agency to be collected later by an agent.


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