The Boat

Most boats are well maintained, comfortable private vessels that are also the home of your captain and crew. They were generally designed for charter groups or private cruising with a mixture of berths available. Many are in open areas of the boat and what private cabins are available are relatively small with just enough space for the bed.

Although most boats are sailing vessels it is unrealistic to expect a voyage only harnessing the wind. All boats will most likely motor much of the time in addition to sailing when possible.

General Comfort

Remember you will be sharing a relatively small space with other guests that you probably don’t know, so tolerance and flexibility is needed. All trips are aimed at ‘backpacker’ clients so please bare that in mind. If you are not comfortable in shared hostel situations for example, then maybe the trip isn’t suitable for you.

Often when the boat is under way in open water all hatches and portlights will be closed for safety reasons, meaning no natural ventilation below deck. All boats have fans however sometimes it can get a little hotter than some people expect. This is unfortunately an inevitable part of the sailing experience in tropical climate.


All passengers will have a designated sleeping berth. These will generally vary between cabins, converted and extended salon seated area, bunks and V-berths. You will not be guaranteed total privacy on board and may need to share a double berth depending on the layout of the boat and the amount of couples you are sharing the trip with.

Food & Drink

Most trips include three meals a day plus drinking water/ juice. Normally snacks are not included so you will need to bring your own, plus sodas and juices.. Refrigeration is often limited to the food supplies of the boat.

Some captains will request that no passengers enter the galley while others may encourage you to help with food preparation. In addition to this remember your chef has the difficult task of cooking for many strangers from different backgrounds, cultures and all with different personal tastes therefore tasty but inoffensive food is normally prepared. Don’t expect anything too exotic as the people travelling with you may not be as culinary adventurous as yourself.

Often the local Guna people will come to your boat in one of their ‘cayacos’ with lobsters and other freshly caught seafood for sale, they will most likely be the cheapest lobsters you will ever buy. If your very lucky a lobster/seafood dinner will even be included in price of the trip. If you are vegetarian or have any other dietary requirements then you should inform us at the time of booking.

Fresh Water

Fresh water is an extremely valuable commodity on a boat, so don’t be surprised if you are restricted in some way regarding shower use. If full body showers are not permitted then don’t worry, remember most of your trip will be spent dipping in and out of the warm water in the San Blas Islands

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