Portobelo & Puerto Lindo


Portobelo is a picturesque bay steeped in history on Panama’s Caribbean coast. By choosing a boat departing from Potobelo you will make some significant savings in your overall travel costs as regular public transport is available To/From Panama City.

Travel to/from Panama City, Allbrook Terminal

Public transport leaves through the day from Panama City’s Albrook Terminal.

Take the express bus to the city of Colon (every 20 minutes throughout the day). On arrival in the bus station in Colon change directly to any bus marked ‘Portobelo’ or ‘Costa Arriba’.

Passengers can also depart the express bus before arriving to Colon and change in the town of ‘Sabanitas’ however this is not recommended when travelling with large luggage as they normally arrive very full here, without seats available or space for large backpacks.

Cost – Approximately $8

Time – Around 3hrs total depending on waiting for connections

Puerto Lindo

Puerto Lindo is slightly further than Portobelo, around 20 minutes by bus. Connections are much less frequent.

From Portobelo or Colon look for any bus marked ‘La Guaira’ (final destination) Make sure you ask the driver to drop you in Puerto Lindo before going the whole way.

Fort San Fernando

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