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El Porvenir, Chichime & Carti | Sail Colombia Panama
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El Porvenir, Chichime & Carti

El Porvenir, Chichime & Carti

These are the primary locations where many sailboats start and finish trips in the autonomous Guna Yala (San Blas) region. El Porvenir is the main administrative center of the San Blas islands, hosting port officials and immigration along with a small airstrip, boat transfers and hotels. Chichime is a nearby island which may be the start or finish location depending on which route your boat takes.

If you are starting or finishing your trip in San Blas you will have to pass through Carti. This is a coastal area of the Guna Yala region, featuring a mainland outpost along with a few nearby islands. Boat transfers to and from the outer islands and connections to and from Panama City via 4×4 shared vehicle transport are available here.  Some boats start their trips from Carti  and will anchor just offshore.

Panama City To Carti, El Porvenir Or Chichime

$32.00 – $52.00 USD
4 – 5 Hours


We can arrange the transfer on your behalf and take no commissions or booking fee, meaning you pay the basic passenger rate only. When we have many bookings for the same departure we might also be able to negotiate an even cheaper rate.

You must leave from Panama City at around 05:00 – 06:00 with a pre-booked transfer service to the mainland coastal area of the Guna Yala region at ‘Carti’. From here a local boat transfer will take you to the location where your sailboat will be waiting.

Local boat transfer from Carti mainland

These services must be paid in cash USD$

  • Ground transport from city – $20.00 USD – $30.00 USD
  • Carti dock fee – $2.00 USD 
  • Boat transfer – Carti $5.00 El Porvenir/Chichime $15.00 – $20.00 USD 

These services are provided by non-affiliated local operators. We do not take accept any commission from them and cannot accept responsibility any lost or damaged items or other issues. You are free to book your transfer with your hotel or a local agency.  Prices are subject to change.

El Porvenir / Chichime To Panama City

$52.00 USD
4 – 5 Hours


If you are finishing your trip in San Blas it will likely be at either El Porvenir or Chicgime. On your final morning a local transfer boat will collect all passengers and take you to the mainland at Carti. Vehicles will be available here to take you to any centrally located hotel or hostel in Panama City.

You should be sure to have additional cash in USD$ ready before you start the trip in order to pay for these transfers.

  • Boat transfer – $20.00 USD 
  • Mainland dock fee – $2.00 USD
  • Ground transport to city – $30.00 USD

These services are provided by non-affiliated local operators. 

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