Carti/El Porvenir

Carti & El Porvenir are part of the autonomous Kuna region. El Porvenir is the home of the immigration office where your boat will check-in/out. Carti is a small outpost on the mainland for road links, and goods from the rest of Panama. Be sure to buy anything you need for your trip before arriving.

Travel from Panama City

Carti can only be accessed via road from Panama City. There is no public transport to and from the city however 4X4 vehicles can be arranged by most hostels or travel agencies. They will pick you up directly at your hostel with an average journey time of around 2.5 hours on the morning of departure.

They will leave the city early in the morning and are a shared ride service, so you may be sharing with other passengers from your boat. On arrival small local Guna boats will be waiting to transfer you to where your boat will be anchored. Be sure to know if your boat will be waiting near Carti or the island of El Porvenir.

Carti is remote and without any facilities. Customers should be sure to buy anything they need for their voyage and withdraw sufficient cash before leaving Panama City.

Carti – $55.00  El Porvenir – $65.00-$70 .00

*Approximate prices. Includes vehicle transport from Panama City, Road tax on entry to Guna Yala and boat transfers.

Travel to Panama City

Passengers departing in San Blas after coming from Colombia will get to shore via a small Guna boat and most likely have transportation waiting for them, pre arranged by your captain on the morning of departure. The total cost to Panama City is cheaper than travelling in the opposite direction as passengers are not asked to pay a park entry fee however this may be charged by the authorities when you complete your immigration entry paperwork earlier in the day.

Cost –  Approx $35 -$45 

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