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74ft | 22.5m









Sovereign Grace is the second boat from the Wild Card Sailing fleet. It is even bigger at 74ft/22.5 metres, making it the largest boat available sailing from Panama to Colombia. Some people are concerned about the large group size, however the vast majority of passengers are happily surprised with the actual amount of space available. A recent refit has seen a brand new, fully enclosed cockpit and passenger area added. This alone can fit 23 people, along with the inside saloon and large open foredeck area. A total 23 passenger berths are located below deck, however not all trips will take this amount of guests.

The operation has been in place providing shared sailing trips from Colombia and Panama since 2010. Sovereign Grace joined the fleet in 2014 and in total almost 5,000 passengers have travelled.

Trips generally attract guests looking for large and heavy boat providing a steadier and more comfortable experience, especially when winds are stronger. Passengers should be comfortable travelling as part of a large social group.

Please note: You may find the same boat described online as Wild Card 2


$600.00 USD per person*

* Standard trip price. Subject to seasonal changes. Does not include Guna Yala tourist fee of $20 USD

 Private cabins for two people
 Private triple cabin with a double and single
 Standard singes and doubles in shared cabins

If you want to be sure of getting a certain berth please let us know in advance so we can be sure there is availability for you before booking.


The current captain of Sovereign Grace is Wilson from New Zealand. He has spent several years in San Blas aboard the boat, finally taking over as full time skipper in 2018. Sovereign Grace always has a fantastic and large support crew on board as well, so passengers always have somebody to help out or answer any questions.

Occasionally another experienced contact captain may be employed to run the boat.

Wilson Parker



If you are still unsure about something fell free to contact us


There are no hidden costs, however you should budget for the following:

$20USD per person to pay the ‘Guna Yala’ tourist fee when you arrive in the San Blas islands
Transport to or from Puerto Lindo if you are traveling from, or onward to Panama City
Entry fee to Panama/Colombia if required. For most nationalities this is not applicable
Alcoholic drinks, sodas and snacks


The final balance must be paid in cash, USD only. Remember that your bank may restrict daily transaction amounts from your card when you are in another country. Please plan accordingly as you might need to make more than one cash withdrawal over a few days before your trip starts.

From Panama

You should be sure to have this ready in advance of leaving Panama City. There are no cash facilities in or anywhere near Puerto Lindo

The official currency of Panama is the $USD, although it is generally referred to as the ‘Balboa’. You will not need to exchange any currency.

From Colombia

US Dollars are easy to get in Cartagena from local ‘Casa de Cambios’ We recommend visiting Calle San Andreas, Getsemani. This is the hostel district and they have experience changing money for boat passengers all the time.

Remember to take additional USD for your arrival in Panama, $20USD Guna Yala Fee and in case you want to buy souvenirs in the islands.


Option 1 – Shuttle Service

$25.00 USD
2 Hours 30 Minutes

We can arrange a shared group shuttle for you from any centrally located hotel/hostel in Panama City to Puerto Lindo on the morning/afternoon of your departure.

If you are arriving from Colombia, the captain will check with all passengers and can make arrangements for a shuttle to collect you on arrival in Puerto Lindo.

This service is provided by non-affiliated local operators. We do not take any commission from them and cannot accept responsibility any lost or damaged items or other issues. You are free to book your transfer with your hostel or a local agency. Prices are subject to change.


Option 2 – Public Transport

$8.00 USD – $10.00 USD + Taxi to/from hostel
3 To 6 Hours


Panama To Colombia

Take the express bus from ALBROOK TERMINAL in Panama City to the city of COLON. You will need to buy a pre-loaded transport card at one of the kiosks in the departure hall. They depart every 30 minutes or when full. On arrival in the bus station in Colon you must ask for the next departure Puerto Lindo. There are normally only 4 or 5 each day so its best to travel early. On Sundays you may find even more limited, or with no connections none at all.

It is also possible to connect in the town of ‘Sabanitas’ a small town before Colon, however this is not recommended when travelling with large luggage. The busses here often arrive already full with many locals struggling to board.

NOTE: If your departure is scheduled for the morning you may need to travel by bus the day before and stay locally. There are no early connections to Puerto Lindo and services on Sundays are restricted all day. Accommodation options are also limited and very basic.


Colombia To Panama

On arrival you will need to wait for the next bus heading towards COLON for a connection to PANAMA CITY, there are around 4 – 5 each day. You can connect in the town ‘Sabanitas’ to save some time, however you will almost certainly have to stand for the duration of the journey.


Vegetarian, Pescatarian or Vegan meals can be prepared only if we are informed with enough notice before the trip.

Gluten free meals are also possible however options are extremely limited, so you should consider taking some snacks for yourself.

Unfortunately it is simply not possible to prepare separate meals for you if you have a dislike for certain foods. You should also think about taking some snacks in case you do not like what is on offer.

If you have a genuine allergy, such as nuts, lactose products, shellfish or anything else then you should take appropriate measures, we can not guarantee that meals will be free from ingredients or products that may cause a reaction.


It won’t be possible to take full showers. Fresh water is extremely important to conserve on multi day offshore sailing trips like this and it is obviously very important that drinking water doesn’t run out.


Before boarding the boat you should separate all your belongings into two separate bags. One small/medium ‘day bag’ for anything you might need for the five day tour. You will keep this with you on the boat by your berth. Your main larger luggage will likely be stored away in a separate area and inaccessible.

We strongly advise you to protect this larger luggage with large plastic trash bags, just in case of water damage. Use one to line the outside of the bag and others to protect the items inside.

Day bag packing suggestions

High factor UVA skin protection
Swim wear
Light clothing, T-Shirts, shorts, sandals
Snacks, juices/soda, alcohol
Light jacket/sweater
Wet wipes for face and body wash
 Insect repellant
Dramamine seasickness medication


Yes, at certain times. The captain will let you know when it is possible. We recommend switching it off to conserve battery when you are not taking photos.


Don’t count on it at all. If you have a phone with roaming enabled, you might get some signal in certain locations in the San Blas islands when in range of a local operator tower, its not common though. We suggest you just disconnect and enjoy yourself for a few days.


Snorkel gear is available to use

Your captain and crew will likely fish with lines while sailing in certain locations. Using rods from the boat while anchored in the islands will probably not be possible.

The local indigenous population heavily rely on selling fish themselves. To ensure sustainable and responsible tourism the captain will abide by the locals wishes not to fish in certain locations.


When you are in the San Blas islands the captain will likely leave you to make your own decisions what to do, nobody is forced to take part or organize activities. You can of course enjoy snorkelling, swimming or just relaxing on the beach or boat.

The captain and crew can help organize beach parties, bonfires, volleyball and visits to local villages, however they are not tour guides and cannot ‘babysit’ guests. Their main responsibilities are on board the boat and might not always be able to join in.


Entering Colombia

At this moment in time it is not required when you arrive with a sailboat to Cartagena. This might change in the future.

You should however check if the passport you are travelling on has any special conditions upon entering Colombia (ie Canadian reciprocal fee, please check your status)

Entering Panama

You should have a printed reservation document showing onward travel within 3 months of arrival in Panama. If you don’t already have a ticket booked please let us know.


It isn’t realistic to complete the trip without motoring, especially inside the islands.

The boat will only sail at certain times when there is sufficient wind and if it is safe to do so. 




Puerto Lindo, Panama


Cartagena de Indias, Colombia


Five nights
Immigration agent and port fees
All meals

Tea, coffee, water
Snorkel equipment
Village tour


 Guna Yala fee $20 USD
Transport to Puerto Lindo

Entry visa/fee to Colombia if required
Alcoholic drinks & sodas


Please be aware that the information provided is only an example itinerary.

Your trip and the islands you visit may be different depending on climate and on anchoring conditions. Adverse weather conditions may also result in delays or changes to the departure and arrival locations.

Day 1: Departure

Your crew will meet you in Puerto Lindo in the morning at 10:00am, in advance of departure. There will be a general trip briefing and some final preparations before setting sailing sail as early as possible in order to arrive in San Blas the same after approximately 8-10 hours sailing time.


Day 2: San Blas Islands

You will probably already be in San Blas since the night before so the total island leisure time will be the maximum possible amount over the coming days.

This first full day will likely start at Isla Chichime before heading to the island of El Porvenir. If it is possible an island tour will take place here or another nearby island.


Day 3: San Blas Islands

The second full day in San Blas will see you spend more time further east, away from the mainland and in much more secluded areas

Isla Ogopsibudup, Green Island or the ‘Swimming Pool’ anchorage in the Eastern Holandes are possibilities to spend the day and anchor for the night.


Day 4: San Blas Islands

The San Blas tour will continue into you third and final day before sailing to Colombia.

The popular Coco Bandero anchorage is a possibility, alternatively another location in the Eastern Holandes. You will finally say goodbye to the San Blas Islands in the afternoon before starting your sail to Cartagena.


Day 5: Sea Day

This whole day and night will be spent sailing to Cartagena. You will have plenty of time to catch up with a good book.

The captain will put out some fishing lines, if your lucky you might catch a Yellowfin tuna, Sailfish or Wahoo. Keep your camera nearby as dolphins might join you alongside the boat.


Day 6: Arrival

In  most cases the boat will arrive into Cartagena and anchor in the bay at some point during the morning. After breakfast you will be taken ashore near Club Nautico Marina, around 5 minutes by taxi to the main hostel and guest house area.

The captain will give all passports to an immigration agent. They will be processed and returned to the captain who will arrange to meet all passengers later in the afternoon or early evening.



Cartagena de Indias, Colombia


Puerto Lindo, Panama


Five nights
Immigration agent and port fees
All meals

Tea, coffee, water
Snorkel equipment
Village tour


 Guna Yala fee $20 USD
Onward transport from Puerto Lindo

Entry visa/fee to Panama if required
Alcoholic drinks & sodas


Please be aware that the information provided is only an example itinerary.

Your trip and the islands you visit may be different depending on climate and on anchoring conditions. Adverse weather conditions may also result in delays or changes to the departure and arrival locations.

Pre-Departure Meeting

A meeting with your captain will take place the day before departure in Cartagena. A time and location will be confirmed after your booking is complete. The captain will give a briefing and collect your passports at this time.

Day 1: Departure

Sovereign Grace will be anchored near Club Nautico Marina, in Manga. This is around five minutes in a taxi from the Getsemani area of Cartagena where most hostels are situated.

You will meet at the marina or nearby supermarket at specified time given by the captain at the pre-departure meeting. It is usually late afternoon or early evening.

Dinner will be provided as you set sail to Panama.


Day 2: Sea Day

A day and night sailing to the San Blas Islands and Panama. You won’t have much to do except catch up on some reading. Keep you eyes out for Dolphins who might give you an escort along the way.

Depending on weather conditions you may arrive to San Blas early and anchor for the evening around 9pm near the islands.


Day 3: San Blas Islands

If the boat isn’t already anchored overnight you will arrive at some point early in the morning.

You will be in a remote area of the outer islands of San Blas, far from the mainland. Cayos Coco Bandero and the Eastern Holandes are popular areas to explore in this region of the archipelago.


Day 4: San Blas Islands

Another Island awaits nearby in the Eastern or Western Holandes. Some popular islands are Isla Ogopsibudup, Green Island and the the ‘Swimming Pool’ anchorage.


Day 5: San Blas Islands

This will be your final day in the San Blas Islands before sailing to the Panama mainland. Guests will be invited to a guided island tour of either El Porvenir, Nulunaga or Whichubhuala.

The final island of your San Blas adventure will be Isla Chichime. Wild Card will sail at around sunset for your final overnight leg to Puerto Lindo.


Day 6: Arrival

At around sunrise the boat will anchor in the bay of Puerto Lindo, a typical small Caribbean town on the Panama ‘Costa Arriba’ not far from Portobelo.

After breakfast and saying goodbye to your hosts you will be taken ashore to town. Busses will be available to make your way to Panama City. Alternatively pre-arranged group transport can be ordered for anyone interested.


Sovereign Grace Overall rating: ★★★★★ 5 based on 6 reviews
5 1


Check out the recent reviews for Sovereign Grace. We only publish genuine reviews from verified passengers who we know travelled on this boat.

Amazing food and crew

5 5 1
We went from Panama to Cartagena with Sovereign Grace and Captain James and had a fantastic time. The trip was beyond all expectations and the food was out of this world! The cook Sophie made some really tasty meals especially considering the amount of food and small kitchen. This is a big boat and we were lucky to have a really good group of people on board, just what we hoped for. We would happily recommend this to other people. Discount code: 7YNQ

An incredible experience!

5 5 1
LA native currently traveling from Guatemala to Patagonia and opted out on flying from Panama to Colombia and sail instead. SOOOOOO GLAD I DID! Definitely a highlight in this trip of mine across the Americas. The crew, Captain James, Luke, Wilson, and the dog Coco were beyond amazing as was everyone who came on with me to set sail into South America. I recommend this to everyone! My adventure ->

What a week!!

5 5 1
Islands were blissful. Crew were fun and so on top of everything. Boat was epic and Coco stole my heart. Definitely reccomend.

Once in a lifetime experience!

5 5 1
First thing to say, we had a really rough crossing during both legs of the trip, and we STILL had an amazing time! The crew, Captain James, Luke, Wilson, the fabulous cook Sophie and boat dog Coco are all really special! They make the trip super memorable. The food on board was top notch. The islands are truly something special. It's a really unique experience being out on the sea, even if it was choppy as hell! I think this boat offers good value for money and a great time. Loved meeting the other people from around the world sms the beach volleyball, snorkelling and bonfires were all highlights. 🙂

Sovereign Grace San Blas

5 5 1
I travelled with two friends on this boat and had an absolute blast! If you have the opportunity to go with these guys just do it!

Panama to Colombia Sailingtrip

5 5 1
I travelled on Sovereign Grace recently and would highly recommend it to all fellow backpackers looking to make this crossing. The details and advice provided before booking was all spot on and greatly appreciated. The boat is the biggest one that makes the trip so good for people like me travelling alone wanting to meet lots of people and have fun. Our group was a great mix of people from Ireland, USA, Holland, France and elsewhere. There were also quite a few couples as well so it was a really good mix of people.


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