San Blas Adventures

San Blas Adventures

San Blas Adventures provide a very different service compared to a sailboat tour. Customers should be fully aware of what this trip involves before booking.  If you are interested in travelling to or from Sapzurro but would prefer a longer tour aboard a sailboat with a smaller group please let us know. Options are available for a similar price.

San Blas Adventures is an island-hopping group tour. The boats are small fast fibre-glass ‘lanchas’ with outboard engines. You are only on the boat to be taxied between locations. Accommodation may include camping, hammocks and basic local Guna Yala style hostel. Bathroom facilities are also basic.

Group sizes are very large and can be quite boisterous with a big party vibe. The trip is not recommended for people who are not comfortable in large ‘spring break’ style party groups.

Because of the type of boats used trips are liable to delay at certain times of year. In other months the weather is better and safer however not ideal for very nervous travellers.

Please read all FAQ’S in the attachment PDF before booking

Download PDF – San Blas Adventures FAQ


We take you on an unforgettable adventure through the full archipelago, passing through all 365 islands from Carti on the northern side of San Blas to Sapzurro in Colombia with no 2 day ocean crossing, travelling along the full length of the third biggest coral reef in the world and passing alongside one of the biggest untouched rainforests in the world! We are a fast boat alternative to the sailing boat from Panama to Cartagena.

We take you to islands no one else goes to, uninhabited islands with white sand beaches, coconut trees and turquoise waters, to snorkel untouched reefs & discover the magic of the Kuna culture in indigenous villages, visiting Colombian highlights, Sapzurro, Capurgana & La Miel.

Departures From Panama are from Carti. After booking the staff will contact you to arrange transportation from Panama City via 4X4 for the morning of departure. Remember this is not included in the total price.

From Colombia you will leave from Sapzurro however you must meet your guide in the neighboring village of Carpurgana ONE DAY BEFORE. This means leaving from Cartagena or Medellin at least TWO DAYS before departure. Details will be given after booking.



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