One World

One World 

One World is a custom built 64′ brigantine schooner and is the smallest tall ship in the world.

During our visit you will have a chance to do plenty of snorkeling, fishing, swimming and beach lounging. We will also have a visit to one of the Kuna villages to get a feel for their culture.  The trip includes all meals, some non-alcoholic beverages.

Boat Specifications and Information

One World is a well laid out vessel, she is cozy but has lounging space both above deck and below. Multiple places to relax in hammocks and on bean bags, and shady hangout spots in the cockpit area.

Berths and Cabins

There are four double berths on board, two in their own private cabins and two in a shared cabin. In addition there are three single berths with plenty of privacy. Each cabin is well ventilated and equipped with a fan that keeps you cool (sometimes to coo!) while you sleep.


There are two heads (toilets) on board.

Galley and Salon

She has a large galley which makes cooking an easy and enjoyable experience, and the salon can seat up to eleven.

Surround Sound Stereo

One World has an epic sound system on board with speakers and sub woofer above and below deck. The system is able to play any audio device so bring your tunes to share with everyone!


We (the crew) cook all the meals. They will vary depending on what we have on board at the time and what is in season. We always welcome the guest that loves to cook and is willing to help out with the daily cooking and share some recipes. We frequently have fresh lobster abalible for purchase. Please let us know of any allergies or dietary needs you have before the tour so that we can accommodate you.


She is up to code on all safety requirements and is fully insured for charters. There are life vest for everyone on board and she is equipped with a self inflating life raft. She has several hand held fire extinguishers and an automatic CO2 extinguisher in the engine compartment. She is built like a tank! One World has a steel hull and displaces about 50,000lbs. Her heavy weight and wide birth make One World one smooth ride!

We are eco friendly! The boat is powered by solar and wind and we always strive to keep our foot print to a minimum.

One world is truly a joy to sail and live on. She has salty character and provides a safe, cozy and comfortable environment to travel to some of the worlds most breathtaking places.



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