Safety & Comfort

One of the dangers with travelling in this part of the world is the lack of regulation within industries such as this. Boats vary widely in safety, comfort, and price. A person would be ill advised to book an 180 nautical mile ocean passage through a third party who may have never even seen the boat you are booking let alone stepped aboard.

We only deal with the captains who we know personally, trust and consistently deliver a first rate service to guests. The vessels on this site have all been personally approved by Captain Jack through a combination of safety inspections and positive feedback from customers.

The waters between San Blas and Colombia can be challenging at times. Customers chances of having a bad experience are greatly reduced by using the Captain Jack Safety Check-list, inspecting the boat in advance and meeting a captain that we have had good feedback from and know well.

1. Experienced Licensed Captain
2. Type 1 life vests in good repair for all passengers and crew with lights and whistles
3. Life Raft to accommodate all passenger & crew with up to date inspection
4. Dingy with a enough horsepower to to maneuver the boat in an emergency
5. EPIRB – Emergency Positioning Indicator Radio Beacon-tested each trip within expiration date
6. Up to date fire extinguishers in each room and engine room
7. Emergency Flares within expiration date
8. VHF Radio
9. HF Radio or satellite phone
10. More than one GPS
11. Electronic and or paper charts
12. More than 1 experienced crew member
13. Adequate berth for every passenger
14. Adequate water supply (minimum 10 gallons per passenger)
15. Man overboard device and procedure
16. Ocean rated first aid kit
17. Safety briefing

Drugs & Alcohol

It goes without saying that there is a zero tolerance policy with drugs aboard any vessel. If drugs are found aboard then it may result in that boat being confiscated not only ruining the captains business but also making them homeless.

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