African Queen 2

African Queen 2

A unique experience that will take you to the best of the Caribbean Sea. The journey from Cartagena to Panama (or reverse) via the San Blas Islands. The trip offers backpackers a taste of the Caribbean and some of its divine islands.

Your Italian Captain, Rodolfo treats you for 3 days in the San Blas Islands Rodolfo speaks Italian, German, Spanish and English, he is a very nice host and an excellent cook making fish and Mediterranean food.

African Queen 2 is a 54ft (16.5m) Bruno Veronese Monohull with capacity for 12 guests. Captain Rudy has spent may years operating sailboats between Panama, Colombia and the San Blas Islands.

When operating from San Blas to Sapzurro the trip is 3 nights aboard the boat. The trip starts in Carti on Monday morning and you will likely leave the boat in Sapzurro on Thursday afternoon in Sapzurro. A short boat transfer from Sapzurro to Carpurgana is required before making your onward journey to Cartagena/ Medellin. It is likely you will need to spend a night in Capurgana before making your onward journey.

Sample Itinerary

The itinerary below is a sample. Your trip may be slightly different depending on weather, anchoring conditions at each island and immigration.


Passengers will arrive to the boat via land transport from Panama City and a short local boat transfer from the mainland at Carti. African Queen will be anchored just offshore waiting. After all passenger have arrived and are comfortable we will set sail for around an hour to Isla Aridup. You can enjoy snorkelling around the island with equipment available on board. After enjoying an Italian Pasta lunch you will sail to Isla Coco Banderas. This is one of the most popular of all island groups in San Blas. After an Italian risotto evening meal the boat you can enjoy your first evening aboard.


Breakfast includes; Bread, Ham, Cheese, Butter, Jam, Peanut Butter, Eggs, Sausage, Coffee, Tea, Fruits. After this you will navigate for around 3 hours to Mice Island for more snorkelling, swimming and fun and relaxing. A lunch of fresh fish Ceviche will be served. After this a short trip to Isla San Ignacio of Tupille. You will meet the island villagers before a enjoying a lobster and potato salad dinner with chefs special lobster sauce. You will anchor here for the evening.


After breakfast we will navigate further eastwards through the archipelago to arrive at Golden Island. We will fish on the way with hand-lines. Hopefully lunch will be the freshly caught fish from the morning. We will anchor here, enjoy an evening meal and have a beach bonfire for our final night in San Blas.


After breakfast we will make a coastal sailing towartds the Panama/Colombia boarder. After approximately 3 hours we will arrive in Puerto Obaldia. We will visit the immigration office here in order for passengers to officially check-out of Panama. There is nothing to see or do here so it is back on board the boat the final leg of the journey will be a 40 minute sail to Sapzurro, our final destination. A light lunch will be served before you disembark the boat. You can go by boat to Capurgana ($5 USD) Here you can visit the immigration office independently to check in officially to Colombia.
There are many budget hotels and hostels in Capurgana and Sapzurro. You will have to spend at least one night  before taking the ferry to Necocli and buses to either Cartagena or Medellin. We recommend people stay in the area longer if possible, as it is a a beautiful area with great beaches, waterfalls, horse-riding and hiking available.
  • All meals until lunch on the final day
  • Authentic Italian Pasta and risotto with vegetables. A selection of fresh fish depending on availability and season. Lobster, crab, octopus, tuna, snapper, sierra, bream, wahoo, sailfish and more.
  • Vegetarian meals on request
  • Tea, Coffee, water
Not Included
  • Transfer from Panama City (30 per person)
  • Guana Yala entrance fee ($20 per person)
  • Carti dock fee ($2 per person)
  • Boat transfer ($5 per person)
  • Visa if you are required to have one entering Colombia (i,e Canadians)
  •  Alcoholic beverages
  • Onward travel from Sapzurro









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